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The Wyrdwood Historical Society Presents…

a free series of magickal and historical tales


In 1918, caught between WWI and the Spanish Flu epidemic, Nurse Magdaleine returns to a military base in Brest, France, where the man she loves lies dying.

Magdaleine has a gift that allows her to see the date of a person's death and the method of that death. Fomorian guards are escorting the spirits of the dead from Gehenna.

Can Magdaleine avoid their dark magick long enough to tell Benoît she loves him before it's too late?

Contains mature themes.


Or, the Trine of 1809

Did you know that Abraham Lincoln, Charles Darwin, and Edgar Allan Poe were all born within one month of each other?

It’s true, and furthermore, at the age of 9, they were brought together by a lonely and precocious birthday girl who wanted human friends to play with.

Together, the boys had an extraordinary adventure in a magickal realm that influenced the extraordinary men they would become. This is that story, in novella form, brought to you by the Wyrdwood Historical Society.

Rated A for Awesome and for All Ages.

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